Deutz Heritage Beef

Over the years, our farm has been known more as dairy farm than a beef farm. We have had success as a dairy over the years, with recognition from the Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA) and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture for our milk quality, and in our final year, for milk production. This success we attributed to our focus on producing high quality feeds and forages to help produce high quality milk. However, as the dairy industry was taking a structural change, we could see the future for a small dairy (60 cows) was not going to be a viable operation in the future. So we sold our dairy herd in late 2016, but we did so with a plan.

Given our success in raising top quality pork through improved diet and producing quality milk through better forages, we made the decision to transition the cattle part of our operation to grass fed beef. We reasoned through better diet and genetic selection we could improve meat quality and provide quality beef that would complement our pork operation. With this in mind, we purchased some Red Angus Cattle to start our grass fed herd.

Our 100% grass fed beef is fed from annual and perennial pastures, cover crops, forages and mixes of hays. We also avoid any synthetic growth hormones as well as any subtherapeutic antibiotics fed though the feed. We do use antibiotics on a case by case basis, but any treated animals are not sold as antibiotic free. Deutz Heritage will continue to push forward into the future to raise our cattle in a manner we feel is sustainable into the future, so our methods are not standardized fully yet. However, if you have questions about our farm, feel free to contact us about our practices.


Available Cuts

  • Ribeye

  • T-bone

  • Sirloin

  • New York Strips

  • Beef Fillets

  • Deutz Heritage Blend Ground Beef

  • Chuck Roasts

  • Other cuts by request