Deutz Heritage Farm is a 4th generation farm located in Marshall, MN.


Our Heritage

The farm has been in the Deutz family since 1920, with a long history in dairy and pork. As the times have changed, so has our farm. Today our farm raises antibiotic-free outdoor pork, predominantly heritage breeds such as Tamworth, Berkshire, and Mangalitza, as well as growth hormone-free “barley” beef. We are transitioning over to grass-fed Red Angus Beef, which will be available in the fall of 2018.

We strive for quality in our products. Our pork is fed a diverse ration that includes corn, small grains, alfalfa, and limited soy to maximize the flavor. Our pigs grow slower because of this, but this allows them time to develop more marbling and flavor in the pork. We also use a local feed company’s natural plant oil extracts and probiotics to help maintain health without the use or over use of antibiotics. We do use antibiotic on individual pigs, but they are not marketed as antibiotic-free pork.

Our pork is raised in deep bedding barns with access to the outdoors, which allows them to display more of their natural tendencies. Additionally, we use no farrowing or gestations crates, only farrowing bedded farrowing pens which allow the sow movement and the ability to nest, a natural instinct for pigs.

Our “barley’ beef is also feed in a more traditional manner, fed only hay, barley and small grain silage, and a mixture of barley and corn grains. We use no by-products. Additionally, we’ve chosen not to use growth hormones on our beef, allowing them to finish naturally. Our grass fed beef is raised in the same manner, only without the grain and more of a focus on quality grazing.

Beyond the livestock, we are also moving our farm towards self sustainability. A diverse crop rotation along with the use of cover crops and livestock integration are helping our farm move towards a close-looped system, reducing purchased inputs on our farm. Each year we progress a little, adding new practices to the mix. In 2018, our big changes consist of an annual pasture for full season grazing, raising conventional non-GMO for livestock feed, and adding a hog pasture for our sows. We hope to continue to move towards complete sustainability, and we hope to do so with the support of our new business venture.

Deutz Heritage Farms is now licensed for retail sales of pork, beef, and other inspected meats. We have a full array of pork cuts and sausages as well as our “Barley Beef” available from our farm, process and inspected at USDA inspected or equal to facilities in both Minnesota and South Dakota. Our business model is a retail mobile unit, with deliveries in Marshall, MN as well a few drop off points around the state.