Deutz Heritage Farm is a 4th generation farm located in Marshall, MN.


Our Heritage

The “home farm” has been in the Deutz family since 1920, with Allen and Kat being the 4th generation to reside there, behind Allen’s parents, Paul and Fran, and grandparents, Franklin and Augusta. The farm has a long history in dairy and pork, however as the times have changed, so has the farm. Today Deutz Heritage raises antibiotic-free outdoor pork, grass-fed Red Angus Beef, and, seasonally, free range chickens.

Beyond the livestock, Deutz Heritage is also moving the farm towards self-sustainability. A diverse crop rotation along with the use of cover crops and livestock integration are helping move the farm towards a totally close-looped system, reducing purchased inputs on the farm. Each year the farm progresses a little more, adding new practices to the mix. In 2018, some of the big changes consisted of an annual pasture for full season grazing, raising conventional non-GMO corn for livestock feed, and adding a hog pasture for sows. With a focus on continued movement towards complete sustainability, Deutz Heritage hopes to achieve this with support from the local community in this new business venture.

Deutz Heritage Farms is licensed for retail sales of pork, beef, and other inspected meats. We have a full array of pork cuts and sausages as well as 100% grass fed beef available from our farm, processed and inspected at USDA inspected processors in South Dakota. Free Range Chickens are also available for sale seasonally until supplies last. Deutz Heritage also provides the Marshall area with the area’s first Farm to Table specialty meats delivery service, providing customers quality local meats delivered right to their door step. To find out more about what is going on at Deutz Heritage Farm, follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram, or contact us through our Contact Page.


The Deutzes