Deutz Heritage Pork

Deutz Heritage Pork starts with our raising of rare, heritage pork breeds such as Tamworth, Berkshire, and Mangalitza. Some of these breeds have fallen out of favor in conventional pork production, so by us continuing to raise them, we are keeping these breed alive and expanding the genetic diversity in pork overall. These heritage breeds benefit from a diverse diet that includes corn, small grains, alfalfa, and limited soy to maximize the flavor. Our pigs grow a little slower because of the diverse diet, but this allows them time to develop more marbling and flavor in the pork. Additional, the mineral and vitamins we add to the feed are have been sourced for decades by a local feed company in Marshall, Ralco, to keep everything as local as we can. We have been utilizing their natural plant oil extracts and probiotics to help maintain health without the use of antibiotics. We do sometimes need to use antibiotics however, they are not marketed as antibiotic free pork. 

Another aspect that sets us apart is our use of deep bedding barns with access to the outdoors, which allows the pigs to display their more natural tendencies of rooting and such. We have been experimenting with additional dirt lots and pastures in 2018, and are looking to utilize these aspects more in 2019 to complement our whole farm approach. Another unique aspect of our operation is the use of farrowing pens versus farrowing crates. In 2014, we designed a barn to farrow sows in this manner, using different designs for the pens and adding a loft to help control temperature and air flow naturally and minimizing. With farrowing pens, sows are encouraged to move and exhibit their natural instincts such as nesting before farrowing

Health is another focus as well. Our goal is to focus on prevention rather than treatment. Along with the essential oils, probiotics, and other natural products, we also vaccinate to prevent diseases. Vaccines work naturally to boost antibodies in the immune system to prevent chronic diseases that could harm the pig and ultimately the quality of the meat. Our use of vaccines aid in our ability to prevent diseases and maintain health throughout the animals life. This also gives us the ability to not use antibiotics on our pigs, but in a safe and ethical manner.

All these extra steps we take are key to the high quality pork we raise. Between the true heritage breeds we use, the diversity of feeds, and the extra natural products we use to improve health, you can be sure that you will be getting a great tasting product raised to a high standard.


Available Cuts

  • Boneless Pork Chop

  • Bone In Pork Chop

  • County Style Ribs

  • Spare Ribs

  • Skinless Smoked Brats

  • Fresh Brats

  • Cheddar Brats

  • Bulk Breakfast Sausage

  • Bulk Italian Sausage

  • Bulk Ground Pork

  • Smoked Bacon

  • Uncured Bacon

  • Fresh Ham Roast

  • Whole Hog

  • Half Hog


Especially Loved the Bacon

"We purchased meat from the Deutz's. We were pleased with the flavor and the quality. I especially liked the bacon but would recommend all of the meat. Kat and Allen are friendly and provide great customer service." 

Judy S.


"I made BLT's for dinner tonight. The bacon I purchased from Deutz Heritage Farm was awesome. There was very little bacon grease and made our BLT's very tasty. I will definitely be purchasing more bacon from Allen."

— Pat C

Great Product

"Great People, and a great product!"

— Brendan S